A Talk With Jonathon Porritt – Audio Recording

This was originally posted on the TASC website.

In October 2016 Jonathon Porritt was invited to speak at Aldeburgh by TASC. He was joined on stage by the TASC chairman, Pete Wilkinson who was the co-founder of Greenpeace UK,

The meeting was very interesting and an audio recording can be found of it here.

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Jonathon has been an influential advocate on behalf of the environment throughout his long and distinguished career.His numerous appearances on television and radio, countless public lectures and many hard-hitting articles in newspapers and magazines throughout the world have made him one of Britain’s foremost ‘greens’.

A former Director of Friends of the Earth, co-chair of the Green Party and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, Jonathan spent 9 years advising Government Ministers on environmental issues. He established Forum for the Future in 1996, now the UK’s leading sustainable development charity with a growing presence in the United States and Asia.