British Nuclear Power Plant’s ‘Fukushima Alert’

The energy giant EDF has been accused of playing down the threat of flooding at Dungeness after it emerged that one of the nuclear power plant’s reactors was quietly shut down for five months last year after experts identified risk of a Fukushima-style-disaster. EDF closed this reactor on the Kent coast on 22 May to allow work on a new flood protection wall, after alerting the Office of Nuclear Regulation that without urgent work the site was at risk of being inundated by sea water. The reactor – which should provide power for about 750,000 homes – did not re-open again until 15 October. The closure of the 550 megawatt reactor one of two at Dungeness – followed an internal EDF report which found that the shingle bank sea defences were “not as robust as previously thought”, raising fears that they could be overwhelmed in extreme weather, according to the ClickGreen website, which first reported the closure. The EDF report was based on new-modelling in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

From the Independent 19th March 2014

(Neither EDF nor our so-called watchdog, the Office of Nuclear Regulation, thought fit to advise the public at the time of this happening – Ed.)