Concern over ‘misleading’ N Plant safety zone consultation results


A SHAM CONSULTATION: Through Mr.Lanyon’s assiduous work we have discovered that the above public consultation organised by the Suffolk Resilience Forum fheaded by the Suffolk County Council) early this year is a total sham:
whatever the public said [including us] will be disregarded by the ONR, the body which will determine change (if any to the ludicrous existing 2.4km Designated Ernergency Planning Zone [DEPZ] around Sizewell. Here’s why:-
A Mr. John ]enkins, ONR Chief Executive Officer, in a letter dated L3th August 2013 to Peter Lanyon has said (we quote verbatim):
‘Our decision in relation to the DEPZ will be based on an assessment of the operator/licensee’s hazard identification and risk evaluation (which serves the purpose of identifying all hazards arising from its operations with the potential to cause a radiation accident), and the corresponding report of that assessment provided to ONR by the licensee.
The decision is then refined to take into account relevant practical and strategic implications of implementing countermeasures to members of the public who are likely to be affected by a reasonably foreseeable radiation emergency. In doing so, we also take due account of consultation with the relevant local authority, in this instance Suffolk County Council, as the duty holder within the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations

ONR is aware of the public consultation that was undertaken by Suffolk County Council,nand would note that it was not undertaken on behalf of ONR, nor does it play any specific role in our determination of the DEPZ in question.

In any event please be assured that any inaccuracies contained within a report of the survey will not materially affect the ONR determination of the DEPZ.
Work to determine the DEPZ is now well underway, although any proposed decision and justification will be subjected to rigorous internal review before a decision can be finalized and announced.’
The only safe measure is to shut down Sizewell B and not build any more: think Fukushima……..