Fukushima – Japan Admits It Needs Heip To Plug Radioactive Leaks

‘Japan’s Prime Minister has asked the international community for help in containing radioactive leaks from the Fukushima nuclear plant, a month after promising the International Olympic Committee that the problem was under control.
Shinzo Abe told an international science conference in Kyoto yesterday that “my country needs your knowledge and expertise” in dealing with the worsening situation at the power station.
About 300 tonnes of groundwater tainted by leaks from tanks storing radioactive coolant water is escaping into the Pacific Ocean every day, accordingto government estimates.
On Friday the UN atomic agency said t}tat it was sending a team of experts to Fukushima at the request of the Japanese Government, to assess and report on the clean-up operation.’

From ‘The Times’, Monday 7th October 2013