Novel Imagines Suffolk N.Plant Terror Attack

A former nuclear industry safety officer has written a novel based on his fears that it would become easier for terrorists to cripple the UK if the Government gives the go-ahead to big infrastructure projects such as Sizewell C.-Barrie Skelcher was head of the health physics department at Sizewell A during the 1960s and 70s and went on to become technical officer at Sizewell B. His novel, The Day England Died, is due to be published by the Book Guild on April 24. It tells the story of a group of terrorists planning an attack on a nuclear power comple4 by blowing up the pylons connecting it to the grid and disabling emergency generators which could be used to help cool the reactors and prevent a Fukushima-scale-disaster. Mr. Skelcher’s guess is that terrorists will try to better the Twin Towers attack by deploying different methods – an attack on a nuclear power station .

From The East Anglian Daily Times on April 2014

[A fear we in the Campaign have long held – Ed.)