Nuclear Dismantling Technology

The Campaign is grateful to Luke Webster of the Mark Allen Group, publishers of Eureka! Magazine, for permission to quote from an article about a novel tool to dismantle highly radioactive parts inside reactors. “The ability of the LaserSnake to carry out ‘Keyhole Surgery’ on the reactor core meant that the work could be carried out using existing protective shielding”. At Winfrith in Dorset “the long, flexible snake-arm robot was passed through a narrow hole in the 3m thick concrete around the core”.
We congratulate OC Robotics and TWI on making progress in a notoriously challenging field. Every time they make a keyhole to let the LaserSnake into a radioactive environment they must face the risk of letting too much radioactivity out. While they seem to have the measure of this on land, we wish them good fortune in dismantling all the coastal reactor vessels before they have to do it underwater.