Nuclear Free Local Authorities Response To Head Of The Bull (Mike Weightman’s) Interim Nuclear Safety Review. Post Fukoshima

NFLA Chair Bailie George Regan says:

“The NFLA believes Mike Weightman’s interim report is a real missed opportunity.The NFLA has consistently said it is disappointed with the very narrow nature of this review, which it feels is being developed to ensure little actually has to be done. This then allows no great delay to the nuclear new build timetable – the real desire of ministers which the regulator clearly does not want to significantly affect in my view. It is time for a much broader and open review before we make fundamental decisions on future energy use following this disaster. Germany, Japan and many other countries are taking this form of action to Fukoshima – it is about time we did the same. I don’t want bland reassurances; I want a fundamental and critical analysis of the risks of nuclear power following Fukoshima.”