Nuclear is not low carbon for the 13 plus years of its building. But we only have 12

in which to transform our entire culture, including our energy systems, our buildings and our transport, if we are to retain anything of a viable climate. Yet the Sizewell C consultation that started this month wants instead to build a huge 20th century energy system, using unsustainable transport on inadequate roads. All of this would monstrously belch out greenhouse gases for at least thirteen years of building before it could possibly start to be in any way low carbon.

This astonishing contradiction will not appear in EDF Energy’s consultation exhibitions. Perhaps they think increasing carbon now is worth it in the long term – which we haven’t got. Is destroying habitat good for already declining biodiversity, and do they think wrecking a wild coast and flooding a rural area with 5000 workers is “progress”?

Don’t expect it to be easy therefore to have your say. Nevertheless, please find an exhibition near you, arm yourself with your own ideas, and go and give as good as you’ll get. Wherever possible write down for them what you feel, and resist being filtered into only the topics they offer.

Wrap up warm too, and join the peaceful pickets outside the exhibitions, for as long or as short as you like. If you can, let us know in advance on or 01603 722898 please, when and where that might be, and we’ll try to ensure we are there with leaflets, banners and placards or can make them available to you. Bring your own too.