Short Falls In Nuclear Emergency Planning Arrangements

The Nuclear Information Service, [a not-for-profit independent service] has commissioned Large & Associates, Nuclear Engineers of London to, (among other concerns):

  • Critically review current U.K. nuclear emergency planning policies which are the responsibility of the Office for Nuclear Regulation and identify issues and areas where there is significant uncertainty as to whether policy is adequate to protect the public in the event of a nuclear emergency.
  • Prepare a short summary indicating any additional shortfalls in emergency planning arrangements which in your view may apply to an accident at a military nuclear site, or involving a nuclear reactor on board a berthed nuclear powered submarine, or a nuclear weapon in transit.

Large & Associates will present their findings to the NIS by the end of September 2013, so that the NIS can make representations to the Office for Nuclear Regulation at the ONR NGO Forum meeting in November 2013,with a requirement for ONR and DECC to address shortfalls. We, together with other concerned groups, fthe NFLA; Nukewatch; SCANS; NISJ, have undertaken to fund this very important work.