Sizewell C —a figment of the imagination

EDF Energy’s UK chief executive, Simone Rossi, seeks rapid progress on the development of Hinkley Point C because promised cost savings would not materialise if there was a significant delay between work at Hinkley and the proposed Sizewell C. Mr Rossi wants to be confident that it will be possible to reach an agreement. “This is the year where we need to understand whether this whole thing is really feasible or not,” he told The Times. “If we were to conclude that maybe it’s not feasible, then at that point maybe we say we are not in a position to continue the project.”
The GMB union has been urging a go ahead for Sizewell after the National infrastructure Commission pushed for a rollback of the government’s plans to build a host of nuclear power stations. We argue instead that unions have a responsibility to press for their members to be employed in work that will help to give them and their descendants a future worth having. Ln committing a labour government to a target of 60% of energy to come from genuinely low carbon or renewable sources by 2030 Jeremy Corbyn would create 410,000 skilled jobs.