The Bad News 2: Chinese To Build New Reactor At Bradwell In Essex

British nuclear experts are to undertake a detailed study of a Chinese reactor design after ministers decided to go ahead with plans to construct a nuclear power station on the Essex coast. General Nuclear Services, a partnership between the state owned China General Nuclear Power Corporation and EDF, of France, wants to construct the new Hualong One model of reactor at a site at Bradwell—on-Sea. Jesse Norman, junior minister at the business and energy department, said yesterday that he had ordered nuclear regulators to begin a detailed technical appraisal to establish whether the design was safe to build in the UK: “I have today asked the UK’S independent nuclear regulators, the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency, to begin a generic design assessment of the UK HPRlOOO reactor.” The ONR’s review is expected to take about four years, after which the reactor design could be granted a licence to be built in Britain. A reactor of the same type is under construction in China at Fangchenggang.’

from The Times 11th january 2017

AGAIN ALL IS NOT LOST…. The use of a Chinese firm and Chinese personnel to design and run it raises potential security risks which have yet to be assessed by the UK authorities. — Ed.