True Then – True now

In the early days of the Campaign Charles Barnett, editorial green eyeshade on, gave us this treasure:

Research consultant Dr David Lowry sent us this for Christmas:-

Forty years ago at the Windscale Inquiry, critics argued THORP was dangerous and would be a failure; time has proved them right. Twenty years ago critics made the same assessments of the Sellafield MOX plant; after nearly a billion pounds spent on it, time again has proved them right. A decade ago critics argued a new generation of nuclear power would prove too expensive; with Moorside already cancelled; Wylfa B on the verge of cancellation and the costs of Hinkley C ever escalating, critics are again being proved right.

In each case highly paid “independent” business consultants and the nuclear lobby argued the opposite; and ministers listened to them. What could the lesson from this sequence of economic nuclear disasters possibly be.