An Encouraging Development

NFLA media release — for immediate release, 1431 March 2017

NFLA welcomes the ‘Aberystwyth Declaration’ and echoes its call for a ‘Green Nuclear-Free Wales’

The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) Welsh Forum warmly welcomes and fully supports the ‘Aberystwyth Declaration’ made at a packed conference of like-minded groups calling for a step-change in Welsh energy policy.[1) ,

The conference was the second part of two major meetings held in Ceredigion around the sixth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. ‘

On Friday March 10th the NFLA held its spring Welsh Forum seminar in Ceredigion County Council offices, Canolfan Rheidol. At this seminar a number of expert presentations were provided.

Members were given:

  • A detailed presentation by Rob Davies of People Against Wylfa B on its local concerns around the proposed development of the Wylfa B new nuclear reactor.
  • An overview by Tim Deere-Iones on the NFLA’s submission to Natural Resources Wales/ Environment Agency consultation on the environmental permitting for the proposed reactor design for Wylfa B, which will be published on Friday.
  • An overview of the financial and other problems besetting the companies planning to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK by Linda Pentz Gunter of Beyond Nuclear USA.
  • A positive presentation on how Councils were developing innovative decentralised energy projects around the – UK. This presentation will be given to Anglesey Councillors at their upcoming full Council meeting next week. (2)

On Saturday March 11‘?h the NFLA joined with members of PAWB, CADNO, Greenpeace Cymru, CND Cymru, Cymdeithas yr laith and Friends of the Earth Cymru to host a joint conference in the National Library of Wales on the sixth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. The conference had been established to develop a joint campaign to oppose new nuclear build in Wales and promote much more pro-actively renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage across the country.

Attendees were given: ‘

  • Overviews of concern from jill Evans MEP [Plaid Cymru), julie Ward MEP (Labour), the NF LA’ Welsh Forum Co-Chair and a senior member of the Welsh Green Party. ‘
  • A startling overview of the safety issues at Hinkley Point by Peter Smith of the Stop Hinkley group, who had previously worked at the site for over 30 years.
  • An overview of nuclear power in Europe by Reinhard Uhrig of Global 2000 Austria, highlighting its retreat across the continent and the rapid growth of renewable energy.
  • Workshops on decentralised energy and developing a joined-up campaign. (3)

The conference concluded with unanimous support for the ‘Aberystwyth Declaration’. This committed the participating groups to encourage Welsh political leaders and trade unions to understand the endemic problems with developing new nuclear reactors and place their support rather in the renewable energy revolution occurring across the world. The statement also called on the ‘politicians of Wales to embrace the exciting prospect of a nuclear-free environment and a country free from the inherent dangers of that industry.

A green energy future offers endless opportunities on a scale compatible with our resources, skills, housing, social and linguistic environment without any of the dangers posed by toxic waste, accidents or terrorism”.