Brexit Threat To Nuclear Trade Puts UK Power Supply At Risk

The future of Britain’s power supply has been jeopardized by Brexit MPs warn, and the government must act urgently to ensure nuclear power stations stay open. The influential business, energy and industrial strategy committee said any gap between the UK leaving a European atomic power treaty and entering into secure alternative deals would “severely inhibit nuclear trade and research and threaten power supplies”. The cross – party group of MPs said it shared the nuclear industry’s concern that it would take more than two years to hammer out a deal for regulating nuclear power stations and trade.

In a stark warning, Iain Wright, the committee’s chair, said: “The impact of Brexit on Euratom has not been thought through. The government has failed to consider the potentially severe ramifications of its Brexit objectives for the nuclear industry. Ministers must act as urgently as possible. The repercussions of failing to do so are huge. The continued operations of the UK nuclear industry are at risk”.

from The Guardian 2nd May 201 7

{Yet another hurdle for the nuclear industry — Ed.}