Britain and the US To Test Nuclear Security

‘Britain and the United States are to conduct a joint exercise testing nuclear plants’ defences against cyberattacks amid increased concerns that terrorists are seeking atomic material. A senior British government source said that intelligence from the recent Brussels attacks had raised fresh concerns about the prospect of nuclear terrorism. A surveillance video of a top nuclear official was found in the home of one of the alleged plotters leading to speculation of a planned kidnapping. “You saw just last week in Belgium concerns that were raised around the security of civil nuclear sites and therefore, in the world in which we live, we think it’s the right thing to do,” the source said. Alongside the British-American exercise this year, David Cameron will use a summit on nuclear security in Washington to offer British expertise on cybersecurity to other countries.’

from The Times 31at March, 2016

Already Sizewell B has had (in secret) an exercise which embraced Sizewell B testing its responses under the direction of the ONR and our Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s armed officers to a mock terrorist attack. [Another unwanted product of nuclear power: an armed civil police force acting locally and secretly — Ed.]