But Councils simply don’t get it

We made sure the Vice-Chair of the Joint Local Authorities Group on Sizewell C read our placards at the opening night of the latest consultation on the proposed new stations. Since then Suffolk County Council has been widely reported criticising various aspects of the project that don’t go far enough to protect the local environment and the convenience of the local population. But when it comes to the climate, that’s not nearly as important to the County Council as the continuing growth and development of East Suffolk’s Business Plan on “The Energy Coast”.

The local authorities firmly support building Sizewell C in principle because of the big part it would play in that materialism. It would seem they haven’t considered the carbon emissions from it – one of the biggest construction projects in Europe – which would largely wipe out any efforts the local population might make in carbon reduction during the only twelve years it has in which to keep the climate tolerable.

Perhaps we shouldn’t blame the County Council too much. They haven’t been set much of an example by our Mother of Parliaments. Here she is debating climate change for the first time in two years in the week that the UK experienced its hottest ever winter day. One is entitled to ask – where is the Government?