Collapse Of Bids To Construct New Uk Nuclear Power Plants

Due to the dramatically increasing projected costs of building new nuclear plants (post Fukushima), private investor support has largely vanished, leaving only EDF in the held to perhaps construct a twin EPR plant at, firstly, Hinkley, Somerset and then, possibly, Sizewell, Suffolk The huge cost of about £ 14 billion to construct a twin EPR, coupled with a lengthy build time, some 6 or 7 years, and fraught with costly time over-runs as in Finland and France, has dramatically killed off international investment interest.

EDF has demanded it will require hefty subsidies backed up by UK Government guarantees, amounting to billions of taxpayers’ pounds in exchange for building Hinkley’s twin reactors…….

The price of electricity would then be f 165 per mw/hr, four times what it is now, an extra f 70 per household per year, for 25 plus years. from The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times and The Times 4th 6th and 8th October 2012 It is to be hoped that the Government will refuse to play ball, and instead expedite the construction of cheaper, benign, none-polluting| sources of energy – wind, wave, tidal solar. coupled with every efficiency and energy conservation