COP 21 – Paris Nuclear Lobbyists On Offensive

The Cop 21 conference ended. on a positive note in as much ‘ as the 195 nations taking part agreed in principle to a target limit of 2 degrees Centigrade in the rise of global warming, with a resolve to work for a limit of 1.5 degrees Centigrade.

The nuclear industry’s hopes for the COP 21 conference were dashed. Michael Mariotte from the Nuclear Information & Resource Service writes:

“The international Don‘t Nuke the Climate campaign had two major goals for COP 21:

1) to ensure that any agreement reached would not encourage use of nuclear power and, preferably, to keep any pro-nuclear statement out of the text entirely; and 2) along with the rest of the environmental community, to achieve the strongest possible agreement generally.

“The first goal was certainly met. The word “nuclear” does not appear in the text and there are no incentives whatsoever for use of nuclear power. That was a clear victory. But

that is due not only to a global lack of consensus on nuclear power, but also to the fact that the document does not specifically endorse or reject any technology (although it does implicitly reject continued sustained use of fossil fuels). Rather, each nation brought its own greenhouse gas reduction plan to the conference. “Details”, for example whether there should be incentives for any particular technology, will be addressed at follow-up meetings over the next few years. So it is imperative that the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign continues, and grows, and be directly involved at every step of the way — both inside and outside meetings.”

There is a strong push from the nuclear lobby for nuclear power to be included in the

UN ‘5 Green. Climate Fund. This would enable subsidies for nuclear power – subsidies that would come at the expense of renewables and other climate change mitigation


We have joined Don’t Nuke the Climate and sent them £100 towards expenses.