Don’t Nuke The Climate!

“Public subsidies in connection with the international effort to combat climate change are first and foremost meant to support the just transition of the energy system towards energy savings and renewables in countries of the Global South that are most impacted by the effects of global warming (mitigation). They are also needed to help these countries to finance infrastructure and projects to cope with the impacts of climate change (adaptation).

The Green Climate Fund, a fund within the framework of the UNFCCC [United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change), was set up to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter global warming. The aim is to raise US$100 billion per year by 2020, thus creating a major pot of public money. .

The nuclear industry openly states that it wants to get its hands on money from this fund. N0 nuclear project has been put forward for approval — yet. But with public money/state aid granted for nuclear projects in the UK (Hinkley Point) and Hungary (Paks II nuclear power station), it will only be a matter of time before the nuclear industry puts forward specific projects seeking funding from the Green Climate Fund. .

We must not let nuclear take away the much-needed resources from the Green Climate Fund and other public funds that are meant for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Organisations from all corners of the globe have formed the Don’t Nuke the Climate Alliance and are working on an action plan towards the COP23 in Bonn, Germany, November 2017. The Alliance will take action, organise workshops and gatherings,10bbyinside and outside and publish new materials.

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from the World Information Service on Energy and Nuclear Information Resource Service

The Shut Down Sizewell Campaign has formally signed the above petition in support. – Ed.