Energy Department Announces A Public Consultation On Safety Standards

Our colleague on the ‘Shut Down Sizewell Campaign’, Peter Lanyon, has been doggedly lobbying ministers for several years to recognise the higher nuclear safety standards in Europe, as detailed in the ‘Herca-Wenra’ strategy for better cross border co-ordination. Following further correspondence this year between the Campaign Chairman, Charles Barnett, and the ‘Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, notification was finally received that a public consultation will take place on this subject.

The Department has said that it is committed to implementing the ‘Basic Standards Directive’ which has provision for strengthening emergency preparedness, and that consideration will be given to the ‘Herca-Wenra’ approach as part of the policy-making process. It has also said that the ‘Shut Down Sizewell Campaign’ will be invited to feed in its own comments.

Whilst there is still a long way to go, the Department has said that it believes that the Directive will lead to significant improvements in the UK’s legislative framework in relation to a local and national emergency management system. This Campaign will continue to lobby the Ministers to ensure that nuclear safety is provided with the same high safety standards that exist in Europe.