France Launches Global Drive For Climate Deal (COP-21) December 2015

Diplomats Mobilised For Unprecedented PR Push. Paris Summit Seen As Last Chance To Reach Agreement.

‘France has launched an unprecedented diplomatic drive to shepherd nations big and small towards a climate change deal before a Paris summit next month which is the make-or-break moment for the movement against global warming. Every one of France’s ambassadors around the globe has been educated on the demands of climate change and instructed in how to communicate the messages to the governments they deal with before the summit, which starts on 30fh November.

Francois Hollande, the president of France, has been Visiting world leaders for the past year, urging them to come to Paris. His foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, who will be in charge of the talks, has made it his mission, with a punishing schedule of events. Ségolene Royal, the environment minister and co-host, has also been touring capitals and conferences. Climate diplomacy has never seen such a concerted push.

At the two-week summit, governments will meet under the auspices of the UN to try and forge a new global agreement on climate change. COP-21, as it is known, is seen as the last chance for the two-decades-old UN process to bring nations together to tackle a serious threat to humanity.’ From The Guardian 19th October 2015

We have joined the ‘DON’T NUKE THE CLIMATE’ Campaign to help frustrate the nuclear industry’s false ‘green’ claims in attempts to get governments to include it as a partner in climate change and therefore be eligible for financial support…

We have sent £100 to the ‘DON’T NUKE THE CLIMATE’ Campaign which is raising public opposition to the nuclear industry in Paris throughout the summit.