Fukushima: Greenpeace ‘Nuclear Scars’ Report

This report comments on the broader political ramifications of the Fukushima disaster, noting that it “triggered many Japanese citizens to rethink their once deferential relationship with state and expert authorities. Fukushima has, in effect, changed the social relationships of Japanese society. This new distrust in authorities has spurred citizen-led science challenging, and protesting against, government policies. When citizens lose faith in government expertise, they develop other means to protect their lives and health. This ‘scientific citizenship’ is a direct response to the Fukushima disaster and due to distrust in government, citizens have come together to develop tools and community networks to protect their health and avoid radiation exposure.’

from Nuclear Monitor No.820, March 2016

[Are we, in the UK, going to suffer a similar fate of further distrust in our government and its lapdog safety nuclear agencies? —Ed.]