Fukushima – The truth will out – yet again

‘Radioactive contamination in the seabed off the Fukushima coast is hundreds of times above pre.2011 levels, while contamination in local rivers is up to 200 times higher than ocean sediment, according to results from Greenpeace japan survey work released on july 21. Ai Kashiwagi, Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace japan, said: “These river samples were taken in areas where the Abe government is stating it is safe for people to live. But the results show there is no return to normal after this nuclear catastrophe.”

The lifting of further evacuation orders in March 201 7 for areas that remain highly contaminated is a “looming human rights crisis and cannot be permitted to stand”, Greenpeace said. The vast expanses of contaminated forests and freshwater systems will remain a perennial source of radioactivity for the foreseeable future, as these ecosystems cannot simply be decontaminated.’ from Nuclear Monitor 82 7, 27thjuly 2016