Fukushima : The Truth Will Out

‘Power Company admits Fukushima cover-up. Bosses of the Tokyo Electric Power Company have admitted covering up the scale of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in March 2011. The company took two months to own up to the meltdown of three reactors after an earthquake and tsunami. In a report it now says that Masataka Shimizu, then its president, told staff

to speak of “damage” to the reactors and avoid the word “meltdown”. He had said that the prime minister’s office ordered him

to use the misleading word, but investigators failed to find evidence of that. Naomi Hirose, the current company president, said the deceit was extremely regrettable.‘ from The Times 22ndjune, 2016

[It is to he hoped that in a similar situation in the UK. our nuclear bosses (and politicians) would not behave likewise – Ed.]