Government’s Review Of The Siting Process For A Geological Disposal Facility (For Toxic. Iong- Lived. Nuclear Waste)

This review has been occasioned because Cumbria County Council democratically turned down the Government’s original invitation to accept a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF): no other County Council in the UK has entertained such a development.

As ever, the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has sought to circumvent this refusal by altering the teims of reference for a GDF, critically suggesting that the two local Councils in Cumbria at Sellafield (that nuclear waste nightmare) should, despite Cumbria’s refusal, be allowed, on a so-called ‘voluntarism basis” be allowed to accept a GDF…

Once again our indefatigable member, Peter Lanyon, has written a closely argued response rejecting this malevolent attempt to circumvent the democratic will of the people. We are pleased to report that Greenpeace, the Nuclear Free Local Authorities, and others, have also responded in detail objecting to the Government’s shabby conduct.