Infrastructure Planning Commission’s Initial Examination Of Edf’s Application To Build A Nuclear Power Station (HINKLEY ‘C’) At Hinkley. Somerset

The IPC held a preliminary public meeting on the 21st March near Bridgewater, attended by over 300 people, into EDF’s application to construct a giant Hinkley ‘C nuclear power station (the forerunner of a similar proposed plant at Sizewell).

Many expressed their opposition because of its dangers, risks and long term legacy of radioactive wastes, even though these matters are expressly excluded by the Coalition Government from consideration by the IPC. (There’s democracy for you! – Ed.)

Hundreds of attenders were shocked by the sarcastic and disrespectful way in which Sir Andrew Phillipson (the lead Commissioner of four) spoke to local residents, dismissing their legitimate concerns, saying what they were saying was not relevant, finally walking out whilst a member of the public was speaking….

We are indebted to Stop Hinkley Expansion (SHE) for this extract from their report. SHE has formally protested to the IPC about the conduct of Phillipson saying he has set a bad precedent for the ongoing public meetings of the IPC. The Shut Down Sizewell Campaign is an accredited objector to Hinkley ‘C: our written objection is one of no less than 1,197 entries according to the IPC. (Yet to be responded to by the IPC).