Justification: Application For A Judicial Review Agatnst The Government’s Plans For New Nuclear Reactors; A Further Update

Readers of News 174 (July, 2011) will know that we contributed £2,000 to the exorbitant requirement of £16,250 made by the Government’s Legal Services Commission in order that Rory Walker’s application for legal aid to proceed against the Government could continue. [Rory’s action was to show that the health detriments from nuclear power outweigh any economic, social and other so-called benefits].

Rory’s application was reviewed on 12 May by Mr Justice McCombe who, regrettably, rejected it as “unarguable”.  However, Rory’s lawyers have appealed against McCombe’s judgement: but the Court of Appeal has refused permission to appeal

However, we are advised that the Civil Appeals Office have subsequently agreed with Rory’s lawyers that their request to renew Rory’s application has been accepted. Counsel’s advice on the merits and prospects of success (at an oral hearing) is awaited. The oral hearing is unlikely to be listed until October, 2011.

What obfuscation! Obviously the Government, behind the scenes, is desperate to prevent Rory’s case being heard.