Low Level Radiation – Petition To The European Parliament

The Low Level Radiation Campaign (www.llre.org), which we support, is part of a new initiative which seeks to employ Human Rights legislation to challenge nuclear pollution, Together with Nuclear Justice (www.nucleariustice.org) they have started a petition to the European Parliament asking for a re-evaluation of the justification of all current practices involving exposure to internal radionuclides This re-evaluation is needed because Euratom experts have failed to act on the mounting evidence that the current International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) risk model is significantly incorrect.

Appended to the petition is a selection of the evidence on which the request is based, some of which will already be familiar to our members. It includes for the UK, the evidence concerning childhood leukaemia clusters found around Sellafield, Dounreay, Aldermaston, Harwell and Hinkley Point It also includes the German and French studies which we have covered in previous newsletters. There have been studies in other European countries too.

Your Chairman has signed his support for the petition.