N-Plant Emergency Zone Looks Set To Cover Leiston (ONLY)

A senior official for the UK nuclear safety agency told a local watchdog group that in a review of the zone efforts were being made to avoid “bisecting’ any community. The current off-site emergency zone – for which detailed plans to protect the public have to be drawn up – extends across a radius of only 2.4Wn from the site and includes only a small part of Leiston. Pressure has been mounting for an extension of the zone to at least 4km to include the entire town, particularly in view of the Fukushima disaster in Japan where people within a 20lcn radius were evacuated. The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has been examining the issue for much of this year and a decision is expected to be announced early in 2014.

From East Anglian Daily Times 9th December 2013

Our member, Peter Lanyon, on behalf of the Campaign, has shown conclusively in his submission to the so-called public consultation that even a 20km evacuation zone would be quite impossible to implement in good time: the only credible way forward is to shut down Sizewell B. immediately and lower the risk [And, of course, not build any more – Ed.)