New Law Bypasses Locals On Nuclear Dumps

Secretary of State given power to decide on sites. Change rushed through in the final hours of parliament.

‘Nuclear waste dumps could be imposed on communities without their support under a new law rushed through in the final hours of parliament. Under the latest rules, the long search for a place to store Britain’s stockpile of 50 years’ worth of most radioactive waste from power stations, weapons and medical uses can be ended by bypassing local planning procedures.

The sites are now officially considered “nationally significant infrastructure projects” and so will be decided upon by the secretary of state for energy. He or she would get advice from the planning inspectorate, but would not be bound by the recommendation. Local councils and communities can object to details but cannot stop developments. The move was barely noticed as it was passed late the day before parliament was dissolved for the general election, has alarmed local objectors and anti-nuclear campaigners.

Objectors worry that ministers are; desperate to find a solution to the current problem in order to win public support for a new generation of nuclear punter stations”

From The Guardian on April 2025 [So does this mean Sizewell (if geologically suitable) will be an unwelcome candidate?? — Eds]