New Nuclear Stations Not The Way Forward Because: Unsafe And:

  • The problems of radioactive waste remain insoluble, the responsibilities are appalling already.
  • Accident and terrorism to nuclear stations could render large areas of the UK uninhabitable.
  •  60 years of nuclear power have failed to produce an industry capable of adequately reducing risks.
  • The cost of new nuclear would starve the development of benign renewable energy sources.
  • The life-cycle carbon emissions of nuclear are far higher than the Government have calculated.
  • During the long build-time of nuclear, huge unmitigated carbon emissions would occur.
  • Nuclear stations would not come on stream in time to avoid run-away climate change.
  • Three flawed public consultations gave no mandate for nuclear build.

The Way Forward: The Safe, Benign, Non-Polluting Renewables – Wind, Wave, Tidal Solar, Bio-Mass. Coupled With Energy Conservation. Energy Efficiency.