New UK Reactors – A Costly Mistake

Congratulations to the energy editor of the Times Tim Webb. ill: it is who has finally wormed out of Electricity de France what they believe will be the cost per megawatt hour of electricity from the first nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in


The answer is a staggering £165 per Mwh. This is about four times the current cost for combined cycle gas plants. It is also at least 25% higher than the anticipated median price for offshore wind.

As Greenpeace boss John Sauven so pointedly commented in the Times “Abyone who is able to turn on a calculator can now see that the nuclear industry has been misleading us for years. The government’s energy policy is based on the fiction that nuclear power would be cheap. At these prices it would be a very costly mistake that would see consumers paying billions of pounds in subsidy for decades to come.” from the Electrical Review August 2012 So the Way Forward is the benign, safe, less costly, non-polluting renewables – Wind, Wave, Tidal, solar, biomass. coupled with Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency.