Our Annual General Meeting [the 31st] 15th May 2017

The Chairman gave a review of the year 2016/2017. The first half was good for the nuclear industry: Government signing up for Sizewell C, China proposing investment in nuclear power stations, 3 AP1000 NPSs to be built at Moorcroft, Sellafield by Toshiba. The second half, however – disaster for the nuclear industry: Toshiba’s American subsidiary, Westinghouse, makers of the AP1000 reactors, in severe financial trouble —Toshiba unable to go ahead with the Moorcroft project unless the British Government provide funding. The Nuclear Monitor of April 2017 reveals the nuclear power crisis deepening with a crisis of confidence in the nuclear industry throughout the world (with the possible exception of China). Why should the UK Government invest in the AP1000 which has only just been approved by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ON R) for building in this country. No other nuclear power reactors have been cleared. Finally, EDF is facing colossal costs for upgrading their existing nuclear reactors.

The SDSC continues in their efforts to make the Government implement the 2014 HERCA (Heads of the European Radiological protection Competent Authorities) —WEN RA (Western European Nuclear Regulators Association) methodology for cross-border emergency preparedness. In November 2014 31 European heads of regulators in radiation protection (including our own ONR chief) agreed on plans for cross—border emergency preparedness and response in the event of a severe accident at a nuclear power station with the strategy allowing for extending the evacuation up to 20km with sheltering and iodine thyroid blocking up to 100km. Our Consultant, Peter Lanyon, has been pressing the Government and the ONR on this issue despite being hampered by the Chief Inspector of the ONR and the Government Minister frequently changing. The new Minister is Mr. Jesse Norman MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Industry and Energy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). Mr. Ben Gummer MP has written to him on the HERCA-WENRA issue following a meeting with representatives of the SDSC who are in his constituency: we urgently await Mr. Norman’s response to our concerns as expressed in our numerous statements to various ministers written by our member Peter Lanyon in 2014 and subsequently. A copy of the HERCA-WEN RA media release from Paris 24.11.14 was left with Mr. Gummer to inform Mr. Norman of the past history of this matter. Member Roy Adams, who was present at the meeting, to ensure a copy of Mr.Norman’s response is sent to the Chairman, SDSC.

The Campaign has constantly pressed the Sizewell B Safety Director regarding the safety of certain components and we have received reassurance that they are safe for the purpose they are designed for.