Reliance On Gas Will Add £600 A Year T0 Bills : Renewables £100.

Household energy bills will be about £ 600 a year higher by the end of the decade if the UK relies increasingly on gas, the government’s climate advisers warn today.

But the Committee on Climate Change found bills would only be £ 100 higher than today’s average dual fuel bill of about £ 1,300 if the country concentrated on renewable power generation, such as wind power. The committee’s findings rebuff the government’s argument that gas will in future provide a cheap source of electricity and heating, Citing government research, the CCC found that the primary causes of energy bill increases since 2004 have been an increase in the international price of gas – accounting for nearly two-thirds of the increase in an average household energy bill – and the cost of on going investments in electricity and gas networks, which made up abut 16% of the average bill, Meanwhile, policies to encourage low-carbon investment and energy efficiency improvements added only about 10% each to bills from 2004 to 2011,

from The Guardian, 13th December 2012