Sizewell B Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity – A Further Update

Readers of News 193 and 194 will know of our concerns about the integrity of the Sizewell B reactor pressure vessel because of the Belgian Nuclear Regulator’s safety concerns about two similar Belgian PWRs currently stood down. The Regulator has caused especial physical tests of the two Belgian reactor vessels to be carried out, the results of which are not yet public.

The Belgian Regulator has decided to initiate a panel of international experts to review the test results and decide what actions may be necessary. We will follow up this serious matter as soon as their findings are made public.

In the meantime Sizewell B continues in operation: the first opportunity now to examine in depth the integrity of its pressure vessel will not be for18 months, when ‘3’ is due for its 10 year Periodic Safety Review, i.e. about mid 2016.