Sizewell B Second 10-Year Periodic Safety Review (PSR) after 20 Years Operation

This second PSR was due in 2015, but has not happened until April 2016 —0NE YEAR LATE. At the time of writing we do not know the results of the review, carried out by EDF under the direction of our so-called nuclear safety body, the government’s Office for Nuclear Regulation — the ONR. We are particularly concerned over the strength of B‘s Reactor Pressure Vessel — its RPV — in the light of metallic defects in similar, but not identical, two RPVs in Belgium, about which we have voiced our fears for some two years. We are advised by EDF that, among other tests — metal corrosion, for example — they will be carrying out ultrasonic testing with the latest equipment and to the latest safety standards of the B’s RPV‘s metal body. We look to the ONR to exercise the most stringent interpretation of these tests and to advise the public of them and what actions necessary they are taking/have taken to protect us all from a disastrous failure of the RPV.