Sizewell Off-Site Emergency Preparedness: Regulator Fails To Protect Public

Following examination of the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s 31- page Project Assessment Report (PAR) issued 23rd April 2014, which is entitled ‘Determination of Sizewell Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) regulations 2001 REPPIR – covering Sizewell A and B off-site emergency planning area’, we have expressed our grave concerns to its Chief Inspector, as follows:
In this connection we note that 1st April this year, the ONR announced that it is now a separate organisation, free from the HSE, so it says, is independent of government.
The upshot of PAR is to ‘increase’ the emergency planning are around Sizewell from its previous 2.4Km to 2Km to ¬£Km, depending upon the inhabitants post codes…A post code lottery.
This pathetic ‘increase’ s the result of REPPIR requirements to observer ‘a reasonably foreseeable radiation emergency‘ coupled with technical assessments by the operators of Sizewell A and B – technical reports that say limits of A (425m) and B(234m) should be used as the foundation of defining the extent of the need for local off-site emergency planning under REPPIR (Regulation 9).
It is interesting to note that these limits are based on ?- redacted in PAR; why? And what is the science and reasoning behind the chosen limits?
These technical assessments were accepted by the ONR at a recent private, limited, meeting locally with Sizewell C and Sizewell B, when even the Sizewell Stakeholders Group were denied attendance- even as observers…
So much for ONR’s much vaunted transparency…
It is obvious from close reading of the REPPIR regulations that they are totally inadequate to deal with a real accident at Sizewell, and the ONR shoudl not use them as a cover for donig virtually nothing to protect the local populace, (if that is possible). Why did they?
Rather, the ONR should have taken cognisance of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s guidance which is based on ‘ consideration of extreme accidents‘, c.f. Chernobyl, Fukushima. (Page 22 of PAR).
It is obvious that the ONR (with, no doubt, the backing of the government) has completely ignored the reality of an extreme accident at Sizewell because, (post Fukushima), to so do, would require an emergency plan reaching out to at least 20Km – an impossible area to implement population evacuation in the event and int eh short time vitally necessary?…
We think it is vital that the ONR revisit their revised proposals and base them on IAEA’s consideration of extreme accident. Will they?