Sizewell Stakeholder Group (SSG) -Fukoshima – Public Meeting 7th July 2011, Saxmundham

At the above well attended public meeting about the continuing Japanese Fukoshima nuclear power plant disaster concerns were voiced over the total inadequacy of the present miniscule evacuation zone around Sizewell and the ludicrous current emergency plans in the event of a disaster there, among many, many, other anxieties.

An account of the public’s questions has been published by the SSG (somewhat belatedly) and forwarded to Mike Weightman, Chief Nuclear Inspector, Office for Nuclear Regulation.

It is to be hoped the Inspector will take on board the public’s concerns and seriously amend (?re-write) his Interim Reportinto the Fukoshima disaster which, frankly, is a whitewash and virtually exculpates the U.K. nuclear industry from doing anything positive to lessen the dangers we all face from an incident, accident, or terrorist action.

No wonder it was immediately and warmly agreed by (with?) EDF and the whole of the nuclear industry….

The Inspector’s Final Report is due out in September, 2011, after which a further public meeting will be held. Of course the only really safe action is to close down forthwith all the UK’s nuclear plants and not build any more.