Stop Press…Fukushima Disaster Continues Unabated

Readers of previous Newsletters will know of the fruitless attempts by the Japanese authorities to control and decommission the knocked out nuclear reactors at Fukushima, now some six years ago. ‘About 160,000 people evacuated a large area around the plant, some ordered by the Government to leave restricted areas and others voluntarily from other high radiation areas.

Most have not returned. Some 300 tons of radioactive water continue to pour into the Pacific daily, in spite of all efforts to stop it. This results from ground water continuing to flow under the destroyed reactors picking up radiation, joined by large volumes of water poured over the reactors to prevent the melted-down cores from over—heating, starting a new uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction with horrendous results.

The three melted-down cores have not even been located and attempts to use robots to discover the situation inside the reactors has failed because the radioactivity is so high that it knocks out the robots, though late last year one did manage to report an astonishingly high level of radioactivity at the bottom of a reactor vessel before expiring.

Neither the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the owners of the plant, nor the Japanese Government, have any idea how to stop the disaster, either to stop the flow of radioactive water into the sea, or to dispose of millions of tons of radioactive materials, water, soil and other items stored in the area, or even how to find and remove the radioactive cores so that an attempt can be made to start dismantling the destroyed reactors.’

from the Nuclear Trains Action Group NewsletterApriI 2017