The Bad News _ Fukushima Update

The operating company, Tepco has now surrounded the four reactor buildings with an ‘ice wall’ composed of vertical pipes which freeze the soil around them to create a barrier. This is to reduce the 400 tons per day of groundwater which has been flowing through the site, entering the basements of the reactor buildings and becoming strongly radioactive through contact with the melted fuel there before flowing on into the ocean. Should the ice wall melt due to a failure of its power supply, or should a future earthquake shatter it or the rock underneath it, then this huge volume of deadly water will escape and make its way into the ocean and hence our food chain.

Additionally, Tepco has raised the permitted dose of radiation to which citizens of Fukushima can be exposed from the global standard (for non—occupational exposures) of 1 millisievert per year to 20 millisieverts per year [20mSv/yr). This will increase the risk of cancers and many other radiogenic illnesses imposed on vulnerable populations in order to protect the economic and military interests of a powerful minority.

from leaflet by Kick Nuclear, London