The Good News — Britain Leads The Way As Europe Sets Record For Wind Power

Britain accounted for more than half of the offshore wind power capacity built in Europe last year, as the sector broke installation records across the continent. The generators in the North Sea and other European waters are getting bigger in every sense. The average capacity of the SOO-plus turbines connected to the grid was up by more than a fifth on 2016 and 17; wind farms were on average a third more powerful. In total the UK accounted for 53% of the 3.15 GW of net capacity installed across Europe, which beat the previous record set in 2015, according to data from the industry body WindEurope.

Today there is cumulative capacity of 15.7SGW of offshore wind, which is predicted to reach 256W by 2020.

from The Guardian 6“ February 2018

In addition, Royal Dutch Shell plans to build offshore wind farms, also on land solar farms.

From The Times 10th February 2018