The lPCC Warning ls inescapable

The message behind the lntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report is unequivocal. Fossil fuels must be left in the ground. Yellowcake, the concentrated radioactive material from the ores extracted by fossil fuels from vast opencast mines before being shipped around the world to be processed into nuclear fuel, is itself just one of these fossil fuels. lt encapsulated its energy at some time around the big bang. Any pretence by the nuclear industry that nuclear power is “low carbon” is further exploded by the fact that Hinkley Point is already the biggest building site in Europe and, if ever finished, will be the most expensive power station in the world — virtually every bit of all that mechanically energetic effort and cost coming from fossil fuel. There simply isn’t time for such a huge negative investment in new nuclear build to be of any value at all in mitigating climate change.