The Proposed Sizewell C & D Epr: The Bogus Consultation

EDF, the promoters for the proposed Sizewell C & D European Pressurised Reactor, has now concluded its Stage 1 ‘public consultation’. Since fundamental questions such as – ‘do we need a Sizewell CT; ‘what to do with the nuclear waste finally?’; ‘safety?’ were barred, leaving the public to only express their concerns over secondary matters – transport, workers’ housing, etc. We regard the consultation as bogus, but, in response to a call from some of our supporters, we have made a submission to the National Infrastructure Directorate.

Our submission covers: The Unsuitability of the Site; Flooding; Urbanisation; Emergency Planning; Transport; Evacuation; Total Inadequacy of the consultation itself.

We understand EDF will respond to the reported 4,000 representations received, i.e. before Stage 2 of the ‘public consultation’ scheduled to take place early 2014.