The Revised Sizewell Emergeny Evacuation Plan

Readers of our News 193 will know that, based on the Office of Nuclear Regulation’s decisions, the revised Sizewell Emergency Evacuation Plan is hopelessly inadequate. We now learn from the draft minutes of a Special Sub-group meeting on 10th September organised by the Sizewell Stakeholder Group at which ONR, EDF, SCC Emergency Planning, Public Health England, Suffolk Police made presentations and answered [‘3] questions, how hopelessly unprepared these authorities are. They all, post Fukushima, defended the present evacuation zone of 2.4km [soon to be reduced to 1km ?), when we, the public, post Fukushima, know that the evacuation zone should be at least 20km… appears, that as usual, the authorities ignore the realities of a nuclear disaster at Sizewell, and tailor their plans to deal with a very much smaller event which they think they could manage….. Disgraceful