The Way Forward – The Renewable Biggest Wind Turbines Hailed As A Star Turn

The planet’s biggest and most powerful wind turbines have begun generating electricity off the Liverpool coast, cementing Britain’s reputation as a world leader in the technology. Dong Energy, a Danish company, has just finished installing 32 turbines in Liverpool Bay that are taller than the Gherln‘n skyscraper in London. The firm believes these machines herald the future for offshore wind power: bigger, better and, most importantly, cheaper.

Each of the 195m-tall turbines in the Burbo Bank Extension has more than twice the power capacity of those in the Burbo Bank wind farm completed a decade ago. “That shows you something about the scale-up of the industry, the scale-up of the technology,” said Benjamin Sykes, UK country manager for Dong Energy.

from The Guardian 17th May 2017