Thousands Evacuated In Disaster Drills Near Japan’s 1st Post-Fukushima Nuclear Plant

“About 3,600 officials and residents have taken part in nuclear disaster drills near Japan’s Sendai Nuclear Power Plant. The plant was the first to be reopened following the 2011 Fukushima disaster, despite warnings over tectonic risks. The drills in Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern Japan, within 30 km of the power plant, simulated a serious nuclear accident, Kyodo news reported. At least 1,200 residents who were living within 5 km from the Sendai plant were evacuated by buses and other vehicles. These exercises assumed that the nuclear plant might have been hit by an earthquake ranked 6 or higher on the Japanese scale of 7 and the plant lost power sources which made it unable to cool its reactors.”

Comment: Isn’t it time the ONR, EDF, Suffolk County Council and supporting organisations mounted a similar exercise around Sizewell B? This would show whether — or not —the current extended emergency plans (to 15 km) would work, as required by the HERCA/WENRA proposals.